About Us

Pregnancy Counselling Australia is a volunteer organisation. It is independent and has been serving the community since the early 1980s.

Our callers have told us that they are grateful to be able to talk anonymously with a caring, non-judgmental counsellor about their unplanned or crisis pregnancy. It has helped them sort through all their conflicting thoughts and emotions. They feel less overwhelmed and empowered to cope with their unexpected pregnancy.

Our service is free as we want every woman who is facing an unwanted or crisis pregnancy to feel supported and have someone to talk to as she, together with her partner, makes an informed decision.

Frequently when facing an unexpected pregnancy, women – and men - feel rushed towards an abortion but such a life-changing decision with far reaching consequences should be given the time and weight it deserves. We provide that space and understanding to help women – and men - slow down and take the time to consider their options and make an informed choice.

Our female counsellors are trained specifically for pregnancy and abortion counselling.