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Unplanned Pregnancy
When you are facing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy it helps to be able to talk through your options confidentially with a non-judgmental counsellor.

Pregnancy Counselling Australia provides a safe and confidential environment for callers to discuss their pregnancy concerns on 1300 737 732 between 8am and 10pm any day.

From anywhere in Australia, you will be able to speak to a compassionate, non-judgemental counsellor who will listen to your feelings and concerns.

We enable you to consider all your options to facilitate informed decision making.
Our experienced counsellors connect callers with resources and appropriate services, where further assistance is required.

If you are suffering after an abortion or uncertain how to deal with someone who is not coping after an abortion, don't hesitate to call us.

Many of our callers are struggling to come to terms with an abortion, either recent or in the past. In our experience, many women – and men – are helped a great deal by sharing with a Pregnancy Counselling Australia counsellor, often for the first time, how abortion has affected them.

Post abortion grief

Are you experiencing grief or anxiety following termination of an unplanned pregnancy or other pregnancy loss? You may be feeling confused by your reaction – we understand your pain. We are ready to listen as you talk through your experience of abortion to help you move forward with hope. Emotional healing is possible after an abortion.

Call us on 1300 737 732